Awesome bike Kabuto

1 Jun 2012

I received this bike three days ago, and am very happy with the purchase.

I was looking for a decent roadbike that wasnt going to set me back $600. After reading the reviews, i thought I would take a chance with this, and am very happy I did so. The bike rides great, looks great, has great speed, and is overall excellent.

Assembly: Assembly was very easy. The bike comes partially preassembled, so putting it together is just a matter of connecting a few basic parts. You just connect the front wheel, the handlebars, the pedals, and the seat and you are set to go. Very easy assembly, and nice to learn a little about how your bike is put together in the process.

I was a little leary about getting a single speed (I am riding it freewheel as I do not want a fixie), but have found it to actually be very enjoyable. I havent ridden a bike in about 3 years, and was able to climb a very steep hill after a 6 mile ride with no problems. The gear ratio is such that your power transfers very well. Also, since the bike doesnt have derailers and other related hardware, there is less to maintain and you get better quality other components.

I took another reviewers reccomendation and inflated the tires to 100psi (rather than reccomended 80). After inflating both tires, i walked away from the bike and heard a loud explosion as one of the tubes popped. I would stick with the reccomended psi if you dont want to have to replace the tubes before your first ride.

I dont like road bike handlebars (the curved ones included on this bike), so bought a replacement straight bar at a local bike shop and swapped out the bars. I did this for two reasons. First, I dont like the bars that come with the bike as I find them uncomfortable and awkward. Second, I attached a “Wee Ride” front infant seat to the bike and needed better access to the brakes since I cant lean over with my son attached.

I am very happy with this new setup.

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